Fall is settling into Atlanta- almost. I’m still waiting until the weather is so cold that I can see my breath and the bright yellow sunshine somehow changes to orange. But the leaves are beginning to fall and I can see them even while I’m driving down the interstate. I don’t think I have ever savored watching leaves fall from trees like I do right now…

I often have internal Martha tendencies. Always thinking, always gaging and evaluating literally everything before I even catch myself doing it. That’s the first response from a life-long “coloring booker” who evolves into a “canvas painter.” Without those coloring lines to keep me in check externally in life, I try to remember where they are internally… Lines that take on the scary questions of… Am I doing well? Have I let anyone down? What can I do better tomorrow? I have a tendency to be hard on myself.

Is that how the Father speaks to me? Nope. Does He ask me those questions? Absolutely not! And that’s what He reminds me of to my deflating pride. That nothing depends on me. I have one beautiful responsibility- to know and love Him more- and to pass His love on to others.

You were probably wondering. This is where the leaves come in…

I love watching leaves fall. They are in no hurry. They float and flutter and thoroughly enjoy the journey. And every single one is different. There’s something so pure and simple about the process. It’s just life. It’s just the season. It’s just what happens with leaves.

At my core I am simply a maple leaf who this week was concerned with too many things. But I am convinced that as I continue to stay open and say an active, “yes” to what He’s doing, that there is enough grace to cover every time I fail instead of fall.  Be-leaf me.



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