Two month ago, I returned home from one of the biggest adventures on my life: The World Race. I spent 11 months in 11 countries spreading the gospel. I loved my time in every place. But that season is over now. God has called me to something new, something exciting, and something grand: the 320 Network.

As of this past Saturday, 3 girls from my World Race squad and I moved I nto an apartment in Atlanta. Here, we will be church planting alongside my squad coaches, Jeff and Mary Ellen, who started the 320 Network. Our hope is to meet our neighbors, build relationships, do life together, and show them the love of Christ. As time goes on, we hope make disciples and build a community of believers who love each other, support each other, and who make their own disciples in Christ.

Our goal isn’t to build a church building, have a lot of members, or to start what you would think as the typical American church. Our goal is to build a community, a family even, where we can come together, love each other, and worship our Savior; all in our own apartment!

The church planters and I live very “normal” lives. We all have jobs, commutes, and bills to pay. I am currently working part-time at a running store, which has been great! But now we will be living our lives intentionally, with our eyes open, looking for opportunities to build relationships, make disciples, and show the love of Jesus to others.

Although I am working part-time, I will still be fundraising for this next phase of my life working for the 320 Network. All donations will be going towards monthly bills and anything to help advance our church (food for Sunday gatherings, taking neighbors out for coffee, etc.) If you would like to support and join me on this journey, please donate through my page.

Thank you!