It’s a little crazy to think that this time last year, I was already in the 2nd month of the World Race in Nicaragua. Now I’m living in Georgia, 1,600 miles from home, and taking an unexepected step in an unknown direction. The Lord has blessed me with a job I’m already loving at REI. He’s providing new community for me day by day (an answered prayer) and is teaching me more about myself than I thought I’d ever know.
I keep getting asked by people, “Why the heck did you move here from Colorado? It’s awesome there!” Sometimes I ask myself this same question, and I always come back to when the Lord said, “Kody, trust me.” It happened when I first believed in Him four years ago, It happened a couple of autumns ago when I committed to the World Race, and it happened recently when I committed to moving down here to Atlanta. I can’t explain it fully other than I felt the Lord leading me in to unfamiliarity. I love home. I love Grand Junction, and the people I’ve called my friends and family for the past 23 years. I love the seasons, the epic adventures, and the crazy memories from home, but I love the Lord more.
As I write this, I feel like a hypocrite. I do love Jesus, He’s my Lord and my savior, but a lot of times I put my own comfort before Him. I put social media, and adventure, and friends, and many other things before Him on a daily basis. If left to myself, I quickly become a creature of comfortable habits, which dwells in the cave of good intentions. I have the desire to do good, and the desire to love my neighbor and the Lord, but much of the time I don’t put Him and His word first. This season is going to be the season with big changes.
I want to become more disciplined, more focused on what matters: relationships. I’ve learned this past year it’s not the places you go or the things you do, but who you do this thing called life with. It would be easy for me to go home and pour into the friendships I have back home, and not branch out, not put myself in awkward or uncomfortable situations meeting new people. I don’t want the people back home to feel like they’re the reason I left home. If anything, you’re the people who’ve encouraged me the most to trust the Lord and move to somewhere completely new. For that, I thank you.
Now I’m here, I’m struggling a bit, but also thriving. I feel like a tree that is thirsty in the midst of a drought, and I’m starting to tap roots into deeper soil, where there’s water. My source of life is, and always will be the Lord, I just have to remember that each morning. I’m diving deeper into my faith than ever before, and it’s so freeing. I’m so excited to see what’s in store for this next season. I’m walking with palms wide open, and I hope you would join me in prayer over these next few months. My prayers include: being a light to people here who are either unreached, or could care less about Jesus because they’ve been burned by people in the church. Growing deeper in my relationship with the Lord. Also that I’d be intentional with friendships both here, and back home.20161012_113853
I hope you’ll follow me on this new adventure here in Georgia. I’m currently working at REI to support myself, as well as volunteering with 320 network, a house church planting network based here in north Atlanta. I get to work closely with my coaches and a handful of my squadmates from the World Race! I invite you to prayerfully consider supporting me financially after your tithe so I can spend more time focused on building up disciples at our church. Even a simple $5 or $10 offering a month would be such a huge blessing! If you’re interested, you can go to to send funds my way (did I mention it’s tax deductible?). All of the funds sent will go directly towards supporting me living here in Atlanta and discipling others here.
Again, if you can’t support financially, I truly ask for your prayers. The Lord’s hand is in this and we are so thankful for your prayers. I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading!