I have been on the mission in Atlanta for 20 days and it has been an awesome testament to God’s faithfulness. He has been providing in so many ways, especially in bringing new people into my life. If you are planting a new church, one thing you need is people. The first week I was here, I really struggled meeting new people. As I started praying about it, God showed me 3 areas of my life He wanted to mature for His glory:

1) The ability to be interruptible for His glory.
2) The ability to step out of my comfort zone.
3) The ability to rest in the God of relationship.

Be interruptible for His glory:

“As Jesus passed by, he saw a man blind from birth.” John 9:1, ESV.

How many times do we get so caught up in the distractions of life that we miss the opportunities for relationship that God puts in our path? Jesus was constantly allowing the Holy Spirit to interrupt his day for others. I started waking up in the mornings and praying, “Father, open my eyes to those you put in my path.” As I began to pray this, God was faithful and I started noticing lots of opportunities to engage people. I also need to change my mindset to remember why I am here, which is to build relationships with people and be a light, encourager, and show them the love of Christ. By healing that blind man in John 9, Jesus has also begun to heal my own spiritual blindness. If I want to build relationships with others, I need to be interruptible for His glory.

Stepping out of my comfort zone:

“To step into your destiny you must step out of your comforts.” – unknown

I am not going to build relationships and walk deeper into my identity as a personal witness to Christ (Acts 2:8) if I sit in my comfortable apartment behind my computer screen. I need to put myself in a place where I am going to meet people. My apartment complex has a club house with a TV, pool table, and internet. People are always going in and out, so I have made that my new office. I spend a few hours there each day and work on everyday tasks while I wait for God to bring people into my life. God has been faithful. In one week I met around 10 people, praise God. I’ve been changing everything from when I god to sleep to how when I shop for groceries to revolve around the relationships God has put into my life.

Resting in God’s direction:

“He leads me beside still waters.” – Psalm 23:2b, ESV.

There are so many references in the Bible of God directing our steps. He guides us to the places He wants us to be and He guides to us the people He wants us to love. In the end, we simply need to take time to ask Him where He wants us, listen to His direction, and do our best to obey. We won’t ever be perfect at asking, listening, and obeying but we can rest and have peace that God’s mercy and grace will bring us to where He wants us to be.

I don’t need to worry about meeting people, I simply need to focus on listening to God’s voice and obeying even if it isn’t convenient, comfortable, or logical.