The alarm rings at 7am and a new week is about to begin. I drag myself out of bed and often fail in the attempt to put a smile on. I see the week’s new challenges and they sometimes feel endearing or even overwhelming. Sometimes you just wish you woke up on a Tuesday! Since I’ve been here in Atlanta I understand what Sunday is about. It’s a time were our church comes together where we worship, study scripture and enjoy fellowship over breakfast and laughs.  What I personally have been struggling with is the days between Sundays.  What is ministry suppose to look like those days…  How am I suppose to go about it and what do I do to bring unbelievers and believers alike into the fold of our church.

This past week I had an opportunity to volunteer for a company called Orange. They basically are all about impacting the coming generations for Christ. The theme of their conference this year was, “Monday is Coming.”  As a man planting a church here in Atlanta I’ve come to realize people will more often than not turn down your invitation to church and often won’t give you the time of day for a Sunday; hard news indeed for my intentions to help grow this church.

What these people will often give you though is their Monday. Ministry is so much more then, “Hey, come to church this Sunday” it needs to be, “Hey, let’s get together this week” or, “Hey, I want to help you with that.” It is simply you being as present as possible in a person’s life and sharing with them the love of Christ through your outward action. It’s so easy just to ask someone to come to church because it requires so little of us. When it comes to a Monday through Saturday ministry, it’s deeper. It’s an overflow of intentional love being shared to the believer or non-believer alike.

As believers we have such a unique opportunity. God has placed us where we live, where we work, and who we work with for a very specific purpose; to impact it for Him. As Americans we often visit the same coffee shops, go to the same grocery store or gas station, gym or whatever you name it! Even in places such as these we have the opportunity to have an impact on people’s lives. As I grow in this I want to encourage you to do the same! Monday is coming! Make an impact wherever you go, be bold and intentional about loving people and being present in their lives! These were the most consistent things Jesus exemplified while He walked this earth. Evaluate your surroundings and pray for ways were you can impact it greatly for Christ. Be bold! Be intentional! Be present!

Monday is Coming

The journey has officially begun here in Atlanta. We have been holding weekly Bible studies where we have been going through the book of John and trying hard to develop a strong foundation of fellowship and discipleship. It’s been a lot of me not really knowing what I’m doing to be honest. How do you grow a church? How do you network into the area when you’re broke? So in many ways it’s been frustrating but when God calls us to be His disciple he calls us to a daunting task. A task where stability exits stage left and surrender gets the spotlight. God has been teaching me, “David, this is going to be hard.”

In Luke 14:26 it says- “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters- yes, even their own life- such a person cannot be my disciple.” I feel like Jesus said this and just dropped the mic and left all listeners with their mouths hanging open wondering about how serious he was about what he had just said. In comparison to God- our loved ones and the things we love should mean nothing.

Sometimes it’s so hard to wrap our mind around that! I think it starts with living for eternity and not just this temporary life that we’re so enamored by. We’re just chasing a fickle mistress named, “Happiness” which is tied to our earthly emotions and nothing pimps that mistress better than our families, friends, hobbies, and money. It’s tied to our temporary desires. By no means am I trying to call it irrelevant! I’m just saying it’s a cheap version of what walking with Christ and being a disciple truly offers us. Joy! It is wrapped in eternity and founded on Christ. If we truly live for after this life on Earth we will find joy that passes all understanding.

The biggest thing we have been working on here is discipleship. For me this means building my life on eternity and looking for more people to live a life more like Christ and becoming closer to the Father through sanctification. It’s been really cool seeing the diversity in age and ethnicity we have right now. We all seem to really want to grow together and that makes discipleship fun.

So this is more about what we’re working towards in the heart of our church then anything, but I believe God is working. I would love your prayers through this time because some days I am struggling with sin, money, and discouragement and some days I’m just not sure of life at all. If you would like to give financially toward me that is always welcome. I pray joy and a captivation of God goes with all of you.