HABIT: a settled to regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Recently, I heard someone say that habits are a lot like throwing water in the dirt. At first, the water is unsure of where to go. It kind of scatters in various directions, a drop here, a trail there. We can see it lying on top of the dirt, specks of dirt beginning to blend in with the water. Give it about a minute and the water begins to soak into the dirt. Now, if you throw water again, now it has somewhat of a path to follow. It’s not running as aimless. The new water seems to be attracted to the old water. It’s not interested in creating a new path, why would it? There’s already one to follow. Give it about 20 seconds this time, and see how that dirt is quickly becoming mud and how that path is becoming really noticeable. Now, do it a third, tenth, twentieth time, and watch how that water takes that same path, only each time, it gets deeper and deeper into the ground until eventually, well, now we have ourselves the grand canyon! 😉

This illustration really grabbed me and made me think about the habits I have. Of course immediately I go straight to the bad habits. I began to think how long it took for them to become a habit. Take coffee for example, I’m not saying coffee is bad by any means, but for me, it has been something that I find myself depending on in order to give me my energy and life for the day. THAT is when it begins to be a problem for me. To be honest, the last couple months I haven’t really even enjoyed the taste of it, it’s wholly the HABIT that makes me believe I need it. It has power over me.

As I reflect on my bad habits, I also reflect on my good habits, and habits that I want to be in my life. This means that the things that are hard for me right now, I want them to be things that are hard to give up, hard to NOT do. The way our world seems to work is that the good things aren’t easy or quick to grab, we always seem to have to run and hurdle and climb and climb some more to get to them. “Good things take time,” is what they say. I think most of us will agree on that, but for whatever reason, we still settle for those easy, quick things that will suffice us in the moment.
If the illustration about the water and dirt is accurate, which for me seems to hit it right on the nail. Then I would say this is also accurate; that if we believe our habit is no good, or unhealthy, and we are able to see that it’s time to create a new, healthy, life-giving habit, or a new deep trail of water, we need to become disengaged with that first path. It would be really difficult to throw down some water near that path and expect it to sink in and create a new deep path, without it running into the old one. We almost have to turn our backs to it, walk some distance away, and try there. It doesn’t sound very appealing, but honestly, I don’t know if we could mess it up. The only thing we have to do is stay in that new place, and just watch that water get deeper and deeper until eventually it becomes our habit.

It’s funny. This whole analogy. How you take water (life) and dirt (mess) and commitment (a continuous “yes”) and all of a sudden something becomes part of us. Part of our nature and being. There is so much to that, that I feel it’s only the first throw of water on the dirt.

“So, what do you do?”

Every time someone asks me this question, I literally giggle almost every time. It once was simple to respond with “I’m a Graphic Designer for Basic Invite.” Everyone knew what that meant, what it involved for the most part, maybe there were a couple questions about more specifics, but it was pretty easy to define. Now, however, it’s not so simply-put.


“So, what do you do?”

These last 8 months have been filled with learning. Learning how to see the person next to me. The stranger that at the exact same time of the day, and exact same square of the sidewalk, I “just-so-happen” to cross paths with while walking to my car. I’m learning how to be intentional with people. The ones I live with, the ones I pretty much live with, the ones that live a little further, and ones that I haven’t gotten to know that well yet.

I’m learning how to be a bigger server. My roommate… she’s wonderful at it. She’s been showing me what it looks like to serve other people in both big ways and little ways and I get to watch how much it blesses the people she’s serving. I want to adopt that selflessness.  

I’m learning how to be bold and obedient. How to really recognize what God has called me to and what He’s speaking to me about in the current season. How to not buy into all the lies and fears and just step out and do it. How to speak bold truths into people and call things out in them.

I’m learning how to be a disciple and a discipler. Discipleship is the focus. How to have a deeper relationship with Jesus, and how to choose Him, His grace, and His love every morning.

I’m learning that being a “Church-Planter” is not a job, it’s just life. As I make space for Jesus to pour into me, He will use me to pour into others. It literally is all about learning how to very much do-life with people. How to live in community, and put Jesus first in this crazy, fast-paced, America. Here’s what it like looks like in Pics!

Church Sunday Morning. IMG_7459

Church Sunday Morning. Sometimes we’re in our living room, sometimes it’s too pretty to be inside!




Bonfire Nights

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Community Love


Serving our Apartment Complex “Waffles & Pancakes”


Jesus knows. I have the honor and privilege of Coaching these fun and crazy girls who love this game as much as I do!

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Exploring Georgia

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Discipleship (My Favorite sort of one on one’s)

“I am NOT a Church Planter. I don’t even know what that means, but I’m not.”

Six months ago at PSL, Jeff Powell stood up and talked about Church Planting. I had maybe heard that term twice, maybe three times in my life before that. I didn’t know anything about it, other than I was not it. That was not my title. Softball player, Coach, Illustrator, Designer, Friend, Sister, Cousin, Niece, Grand daughter, Daughter, these titles I was comfortable having. But Church Planter? Nahh.

Regardless of what I knew, or better, what I didn’t know about Church Planting or being a Church Planter, all I knew was God very clearly, very tangibly, called me to it. I didn’t understand, I had no experience, I didn’t have any facts, I didn’t get an email sent to me detailing my roles and what would be required/expected of me. Yet, there was an unexplainable peace that came with saying “yes” to this. I very truly was starting a new chapter in my story and that page was white, white, white titled “Church Planting.”

So, because I’m human I imagined what this whole thing might look like. I looked at what I knew Church to be. Which, from my experience, has looked sooo many different ways. I’ve gone to church before, yeah, but never before this would I of said I have a “Home Church.” I would go and sit in with the congregation, and then go home an hour after. To be honest, if you were looking for someone to plant, start, or build a Church, I was probably the last person you wanted on your team because I really knew NOTHING about church.

Well, I’ve been here for six months now, and this is 100% nothing what I guessed, assumed, or imagined this would look like. And honestly, thank God that it’s not. It’s not a role that I have to fit, mold, wedge or conform to. For the first time, I feel like I get to be fully who I am. Strengths and weaknesses included!

I have countless opportunities to use the gifts I know I have and walk into the gifts I never knew existed. I get to pursue the things I am passionate about and I also get to walk alongside people who are pursuing their passions. In the midst of that, I’m finding new things that I am passionate about, that I never would of known otherwise. I get to do life in a very real community that truly loves and supports each other, that builds and encourages, and that pushes me, calls me out, and holds me accountable. I’ll be real with y’all, it gets messy, it gets REALLY hard sometimes, but at the end of the day, I know these people are going to choose me and love me regardless of the trials we face.

I get to know people. Let me take a step back. I get to meet people. Which, was a super terrifying concept for me just over a year ago. But God has has been equipping me for this, and now, I have no, to very little anxiety or fear about walking up to a stranger at Starbucks because I heard them say “The World Race.” Which lead into a conversation where that person tells me she’s been praying about a bible study, that she’s been looking for a church, and as we talk more, I find out she too went to SCAD in Savannah and we basically have the same life. Ha! You can’t make these things up! The crazy thing is… that’s a fairly normal occurrence of what happens on the daily. God moves crazy wild in these ways all the time, and all I am doing is getting my daily latte!

This whole thing, “being a church planter” is just a term, it’s a title because in this world we love having titles. The funny thing about titles is that if you take them away, what you have left, is the person behind it. Which is what this life is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in the power that comes with titles and the opportunities that open up because of them. But, I’m more interested in the person behind that title. Church Planter, Designer, Friend whatever title I am to you, that’s not WHO I AM, I’m Brittany and in this season, God has given me the heart to TRULY know who YOU are behind YOUR titles and love you the best I know how. Church Planter simply has given me the space to do that. The best part about it, is all the things that I am stepping into, all the ways it’s stretching and growing me, won’t disappear or stop if/when my title changes.