“I am NOT a Church Planter. I don’t even know what that means, but I’m not.”

Six months ago at PSL, Jeff Powell stood up and talked about Church Planting. I had maybe heard that term twice, maybe three times in my life before that. I didn’t know anything about it, other than I was not it. That was not my title. Softball player, Coach, Illustrator, Designer, Friend, Sister, Cousin, Niece, Grand daughter, Daughter, these titles I was comfortable having. But Church Planter? Nahh.

Regardless of what I knew, or better, what I didn’t know about Church Planting or being a Church Planter, all I knew was God very clearly, very tangibly, called me to it. I didn’t understand, I had no experience, I didn’t have any facts, I didn’t get an email sent to me detailing my roles and what would be required/expected of me. Yet, there was an unexplainable peace that came with saying “yes” to this. I very truly was starting a new chapter in my story and that page was white, white, white titled “Church Planting.”

So, because I’m human I imagined what this whole thing might look like. I looked at what I knew Church to be. Which, from my experience, has looked sooo many different ways. I’ve gone to church before, yeah, but never before this would I of said I have a “Home Church.” I would go and sit in with the congregation, and then go home an hour after. To be honest, if you were looking for someone to plant, start, or build a Church, I was probably the last person you wanted on your team because I really knew NOTHING about church.

Well, I’ve been here for six months now, and this is 100% nothing what I guessed, assumed, or imagined this would look like. And honestly, thank God that it’s not. It’s not a role that I have to fit, mold, wedge or conform to. For the first time, I feel like I get to be fully who I am. Strengths and weaknesses included!

I have countless opportunities to use the gifts I know I have and walk into the gifts I never knew existed. I get to pursue the things I am passionate about and I also get to walk alongside people who are pursuing their passions. In the midst of that, I’m finding new things that I am passionate about, that I never would of known otherwise. I get to do life in a very real community that truly loves and supports each other, that builds and encourages, and that pushes me, calls me out, and holds me accountable. I’ll be real with y’all, it gets messy, it gets REALLY hard sometimes, but at the end of the day, I know these people are going to choose me and love me regardless of the trials we face.

I get to know people. Let me take a step back. I get to meet people. Which, was a super terrifying concept for me just over a year ago. But God has has been equipping me for this, and now, I have no, to very little anxiety or fear about walking up to a stranger at Starbucks because I heard them say “The World Race.” Which lead into a conversation where that person tells me she’s been praying about a bible study, that she’s been looking for a church, and as we talk more, I find out she too went to SCAD in Savannah and we basically have the same life. Ha! You can’t make these things up! The crazy thing is… that’s a fairly normal occurrence of what happens on the daily. God moves crazy wild in these ways all the time, and all I am doing is getting my daily latte!

This whole thing, “being a church planter” is just a term, it’s a title because in this world we love having titles. The funny thing about titles is that if you take them away, what you have left, is the person behind it. Which is what this life is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in the power that comes with titles and the opportunities that open up because of them. But, I’m more interested in the person behind that title. Church Planter, Designer, Friend whatever title I am to you, that’s not WHO I AM, I’m Brittany and in this season, God has given me the heart to TRULY know who YOU are behind YOUR titles and love you the best I know how. Church Planter simply has given me the space to do that. The best part about it, is all the things that I am stepping into, all the ways it’s stretching and growing me, won’t disappear or stop if/when my title changes.

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