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The Port House Church

Last week I took you on a guided tour of Dunwoody Church, our first house church. This week, I want to take you on another guided tour of another house church, The Port. The Port meets in an apartment in a large apartment complex in Roswell, GA. Though these are both 320 Network churches, they […]

What Does a House Church REALLY Look Like?

When people ask what I do, I know that it’s going to take a few minutes to explain. “I start house churches.” I get a variety of responses to that – blank stares, rolling eyes, genuine interest, etc…but the most common response is, “What is that?” So, following is a “guided tour” of the house […]

My Starbucks Ministry

For almost two years Mary Ellen and I have lived in an apartment in Sandy Springs, GA. We loved it there, but we have so many folks visiting us, or living with us, that we needed some more space. So about a month ago, we moved into a new home in Roswell, GA, about ten […]

Building Community with Kingdom Purpose

I recently had the privilege of leading a webinar hosted by Adventure in Missions in Gainesville, GA. The topic was “Building Community with Kingdom Purpose“.  The information I shared is a good description of what we do here at 320 Network. Why don’t you give it a look and let me know what you think? Hey, […]

Discipleship Matters

Last week I posted a blog titled “Relationships Matter“. Everything begins with relationships. We engage people, spend time with them, listen to them, love them, share our Jesus stories with them, and seek to help them begin their own story with Jesus. And even if they never embrace Jesus, we seek to continue the relationship, […]

Relationships Matter

My friend and coworker Brittany Gonzales just posted some wonderful thoughts on what we do here at 320 Network. I’ve had the same experience as she when I have tried to explain what we do. Most of the time when I tell someone that we plant churches, I can see their eyes begin to glaze […]

“So Jeff, What Are You Doing Now?” (Part 4)

(Please see my previous posts to get caught up on our story!) In January, 2016 several things happened. First, four more planters arrived to help us. Sarah Buffaloe moved to Sandy Springs from Huntsville, Alabama. David Batchelder moved here from Philadelphia. Jason Kelley came from Washington to help us in Dunwoody, as did Logan Kafer, […]