Our church at The Port has been going through a series called Imaginary Jesus. In this series, the aim is to strive toward a much bigger, accurate, ever growing idea of who Jesus was and is. A few weeks ago, the topic of the message was Jesus’ royalty. His Kingship. Jesus as king over our lives, sitting on the throne of our hearts. Christians today are so familiar with Jesus as friend, father, brother, lover, etc.–that we often forget about the reverence, honor, and glory that he is deserving of. These are perfectly fine attributes and identities to perceive him as, but not to limit him as. I was inspired that Sunday to write a Psalm to and for Jesus as King.


“You are The King,

though not like David.

Even he sung praises to you

He delivered to you

equal reverence, praise, and

the tender love of a

guilty and lost child.

I forget that you are a King

sometimes, because I am

so busy running my own

kingdom of one.

I try to have dominion over

my own life. Daily

I have many more

thoughts of me than

I have of you—even if

I try to be generous, and

think of others. Still, I am

always thinking of what

I am having for lunch,

or how many miles I will

run, and what my future

will look like. And what

I am lacking.




My own.

Fear and love can

Go hand in hand—

Reverence can reclaim its

due place in our hearts.

In a culture

that claims the RIGHT

to access to you, I must

approach you humble and know

that before my chin is

tilted upwards fondly

by your carpenter hands.

I must approach you

on my knees

On my face.

We don’t


have a right to,

or earn,

the right to enter

the throne room,

where on your thigh

it is written King

of Kings, and Lord

of Lords. In our

limited hearts and minds,

we have

let you become too human.

When the other whole of

you is all God.

May I wonder and marvel

in your majesty as

I approach your blistered

bloody, and sun tanned

feet. May I fear not in a sense

of what you may do to me

but fear how vast you are and your

mystery. For such

awe is worship.

Which is sweet honey

to your lips.

In 2017, we don’t know a

ruler who has claimed the

whole world. Much less

did it with anyone’s interest

in mind other than his own.

By nature of the conquest

they would be cruel, and

selfish, and endlessly hungry

for more power, they would not

know even a small fraction of their subjects,

and they would have to be unjust and

violent. For none could achieve such a

feat without domination.

Except Abba, and Emmanuel.

God with us. Over us, and

with us. Though you have the

only right, you don’t claim it.

Instead of a hostile takeover,

You whisper to us by name, by heart.

You offer the most beautiful

freedom of will—to choose

to call you our King.”




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